Raven Hart (02.17.2018)

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    You’re about to witness something very, very taboo. Certainly peculiar. Raven Hart, a former stripper and current stepmother, is giving her own stepson a lap dance! As is the norm with most relationships, theirs is complex: stepson knew — from Day 1 — stepmom is a pervert (specifically she’s a “BCS”)…but he wants to see his Father happy. Stepson is a huge pervert, too. They both rely on Daddy’s money, so why not make this relationship mutually beneficial? Stepson uses his connections to feed stepmom big, black cock. It’s really that simple…and that perverted. Just as stepson is jerking his dinky to Raven Hart’s beautiful, voluptuous body, The Bulls arrive. And it’s a special day for “mommy”, as she’s never in her life entertained two Bulls at the same time! It doesn’t take long for “mommy” to start sucking cock, and in even a shorter amount of time, she’s getting all her holes stretched! Stepson is in Heaven, jerking it until his dick is literally sore! The Bulls, after pounding all three holes, dump their loads and leave…but this time stepson won’t be rewarded by dumping his load, too; instead, “mommy” leaves with The Bulls, leaving stepson with a severe case of Blue Balls.

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