Danielle Derek (23805 / 02.10.2018)

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    When you’re a globe-trotting model, you’re bound to get a few crazy fans out there who’ll do ANYTHING to meet you face-to-face. Chad meets this fate when he “wins” a trip to a resort and suspects something’s up when nobody else is around except the inn’s manager, Danielle Derek. And with her big tits bursting out of her shirt and into Chad’s face, he gets the idea that she may be interested in him. He confirms that theory when, in the middle of the night, he awakens to Danielle doing a strip tease to rock music in his room! She confesses that there was no contest, that she paid for his trip there because she’s one of his biggest fans, and she HAD to meet him. Well, the cougar got what she wanted, and when Chad climbs atop her massive mountains and fucks her brains out, he gets what he wants, too!

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