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Tiffany B (G133 / 10.20.2017)

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October 25, 2017

We’re back for the fuckin’ fillin’ and feedin’ of Tiffany B! We have Tiffany in our new and improved grey room. She’s on ol’ faithful, our trusty pedestal, she’s surrounded by #Cocksmen and she’s ready to take all their loads. Before the guys get her totally inCUMpacitated.. Buzz mentions a little trick she should show them. She takes out her tit, gives it a nice little squeeze and wouldn’t you know it we get a little baby leche. That’s right her tits are still producing milk and #Cocksmen Kyle gets a little taste. NOW she’s ready to get fucked filled and fed. The guys get her down and get her out of those stifling clothes. Mitt goes down town nibbling on her pussy… I think he misses the “Mittspection.” Afterward the guys all jump in taking turns testing her out. After they all get a taste, it’s time to start dropping loads. All four #Cocksmen give her a nice gushing load and one in the mouth wrapping this lovely day up!

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