Carter Cruise, Melissa Moore, Abigail Mac, Jelena Jensen, Georgia Jones (Vampires: Part 1: Welcome To The Family / 09.17.2017)

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    How does a blind girl from Boston wind up in a dirty back alley running for her life? It all started when Ella (Shyla Jennings) and her big sister Lucy (Abigail Mac) moved to Santa Clarita after their father’s death. They settle into the ranch house bequeathed to them in his will. Ella unpacks her bags, and Lucy finds a girl online for a quick hook up. Lucy goes out to meet Willow (Melissa Moore) at her family home and the attraction is instantaneous. But the second Lucy mentions her blind sister, Willow cuts their encounter short and rushes her out of the house. Except they’re intercepted by Willow’s sisters Amber (Carter Cruise) and Dawn (Georgia Jones). When the sisters tell Willow she has to share her new friend with them, Lucy assumes they are talking about sex. Unbeknownst to Lucy, Willow’s family is a coven of Vampires and they wish to consume her most vital juices. The coven’s stern and powerful mother figure Anya (Jelena Jensen) enters the room and confronts Lucy as though she were intruding. Lucy tries to excuse herself and return home to Lucy, but Anya bewitches her to stay. Bearing some affection for Lucy, and out of pity for the blind sister she cares for, Willow tries to undo Anya’s spell, but her defiance only invokes her anger. Willow pleads with Anya in private to spare Lucy’s life and turn her into a Vampire. Anya agrees to grant Lucy immortality if Willow gives up her remaining one hundred years above ground. Willow accepts her self-sacrifice and prepares to give Anya pleasure. While Lucy is slowly overtaken by Willow’s hypersexual and thirsty sisters, Anya reveals in the ecstasy of making Willow cum, Willow joins her sisters in devouring Lucy. She vacuums the cum from Lucy’s clit, then Anya tribes the mortal girl’s pussy until she falls asleep. Willow and her sisters are uncertain if Lucy will survive the night. They contemplate if Willow must kill her to save her own life. And then they feed on each other’s fresh pussies.

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